Puccini: La bohème

Opera in Italian language / Kassa (Košice, Slovakia) State Opera House


  • 2019. July 5. Friday 20:00 - Barlangszínház

After Madame Butterfly, La bohème has been one of the most popular operas of Giacomo Puccini (and that of the world). Since its debut performance in 1896 conducted by Arturo Toscanini it has been undiminished successful, there has not been an opera house in the world that would not have had it in its repertoire. Adventures of four jolly, droll guys in Paris during the 1830s, and the heart-smothering episodes of a love story "treacled” with Puccini’s music, along sweet, melodious tunes.

First category seat price: HUF 7.500

Second category seat price: HUF 6.000

Third category seat price: HUF 3.000