Sinatra -



  • 2020. August 1. Saturday 20:00 - Barlangszínház


Frank Sinatra, or ’The Voice’ as he was called, one of the most impressive singers of the 20th century and America. He had a clear style, he was a unique, multiple talent, as he became an iconic star both as a singer and as an actor. He played in around sixty movies, was awarded with eight Grammies, two Oscars, three Golden Globes, looked back on a sixty years’ career with 700 albums, 300 solo albums, 150 Million sold albums. Myth to several genres and to an epoch. A genius, who along with his both foible and contradictory life has left a lasting trait with the world’s entertaining industry. 

TAMÁS VASTAG - Inevitable rendezvous

The songs and through them the souls of TamásVastag and Frank Sinatra welded during recent years. Vastag has been a great fan of the iconic singer, TV spectators, concerts freaks, have had several opportunities to listen to him singing Sinatra’s songs with empathy, authenticity poignant emotional load and content. It may seem inevitable, he also played Frank Sinatra on stage. György Szomor once listened him singing the song "My Way" and he immediately wrote and directed him a play about the legend. Ever since Tamás Vastag has been singing the songs of his favourite star devotedly and passionate. He is performing at this concert accompanied by musicians, performers, vocalists, who are also able to stage, to recall the spirituality of a great legend in a most memorable way. They are doing it timelessly, since Sinatra is eternal. 

STÚDIÓ 11 – Musical Legend 

The story of the band Studio11 initiates back in 1963 under the aegis of public-radio channel, led by Imre Zsoldos and Sándor Dobsa. Our band played a vital role in the developing of Hungarian pop music, participating the birth of important songs and different productions. Our fellow members have been highly qualified musicians – at the same time excellent soloists – who regularly perform in the domestic and international jazz life. Great number of TV and radio records are the results of several decades of artistic, performing activity. Studio11 Ensemble functioning as an artistic company at present, has been following the ways of free improvisational music in all kinds of different formations in all styles of jazz and pop music

Attila Pap- singing

Stéphanie Schlesser - singing

Tamás Horváth - trumpet 

Price: 3000 FUF