Giacomo Puccini: Tosca - CANCELLED

Opera in Italian language/ CoOpera&Csokonai Theatre


  • 2020. June 12. Friday 20:00 - Barlangszínház

If someone was asked to mention an opera in which there is a murderer or a suicide, he would probably list up half of the opera literature. But if the question is formulated, which opera contains both of the above mentioned – and results at the end of the performance in the death of all characters – availability broadly reduces to Tosca.
Puccini’s opera is not only exciting because nobody survives the end. The plot takes one day only: three dead within 24 hours – among them Rome’s chief of police, who, abusing his powers, is blackmailing his environment and has the power of life and death. However, his sexual desire throws Scarpia over a certain point, he is losing control and is becoming a victim just like those once he judged.
In any case Tosca is a psycho-crime story. A thriller. To formulate is precisely: a musical erotic thriller. What Hitchcock once showed on the screen, Puccini had presented on the opera stage. The composer created a finely composed and passionate crime story about mechanisms such as presence of power within the church, politics and sexuality.
Puccini’s stirring musical composition about love, honour, treason, power and jealousy is among the select few operas to interweave arbitrary power and personal passion in a most closely and openly way.

Hungarian Text: Ágnes Romhányi

Conductor: Máté Szabó Sipos

Tosca - Adrienn Miksch 
Cavaradossi - Călin Brătescu
Scarpia - Antal Cseh / Lajos Kendi
Angelotti - Imre Ürmössy
Sacristan -Imre Donkó
Sciarrone – Péter Udvarhelyi
Spoletta - Sándor Böjte 
Prison guard - Norbert Antóni
Shepherd boy-János Nyírán / Botond Garda /Tamás Török

Participating Choir of Csokonai Theatre, Kodály Philharmonic Orchestra form Debrecen and Lautitia Children’s Choir 

Video-animation -Csaba Jóvér
Setting- and costume designer -Nóra Árva
Stage manager -Ágnes Horváth
Prompter -Viktória Dihen
Coaches, private tutors -Dávid Kozma, Wanda Mazalin, Éva László, Péter Gyülvészi
Choreographer - Gábor Katona 
Assistant director - Nóra Homonna 

Director - Gábor Sylvie 

First category seat price: HUF 7.500

Second category seat price: HUF 6.000

Third category seat price: HUF 3.000