Nikolta Tesla - Infinite Energy



  • 2020. September 19. Saturday 15:00 - Barlangszínház
  • 2020. September 19. Saturday 20:00 - Barlangszínház

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation remain the Tesla - Infinite Energy Musical in next year unchanged. 
The new dates of the play: 
30. July 2021
31. July 2021
All tickets purchased earlier are going to be valid for the new dates.

Thank you for your understanding!

Nikola Tesla has been undoubtedly one of the geniuses of all times whose geniality is only to be compared with that of Aristotle or that of Leonardo da Vinci. His contemporaries compared already his inventions altering our world, to the gravity of the wheel or that of the pyramids in Egypt. Primarily thanks to Tesla’s inventions and patents during the last century electronic tools became indispensable parts of our everyday life. The development of this process has been irresistibly going on, since he was the first to constitute basic theories for smart phone or wireless electric charge. The performance by TBG Production would like to introduce to the audience primarily the human behind the genie, who just like any of us believes and hopes, desires and suffers, fights and is happy, whereat there is some kind of admirable internal buoyant force or energy if you like that gleams out of him.

Several countries claim rightly this special scientist to be their own. His professional career started from Budapest and there were many different ways he was bound to Hungary. These have given an excellent ground to TBG Production to devote its first whole evening programme to show the part of his life, where he came from a small village and achieved worldwide reputation making his child dream come true by building a plant for electricity at Niagara waterfalls. Of course besides presenting his astonishing professional career the play also greatly emphasizes his private life, where Tesla again was something unusual: his relationship to his parents, friendships, love affairs and professional rivalry all these were somewhat different from what one would call average.

In main roles: 
Nikola Tesla: Szilveszter Szabó P./Ádám Pesák
Antal Szigeti: Máté Szabó / Áron Kovács
Adél Szigeti: Viktória Békefi / Réka Bori
Thomas Alva Edison: György Szomor / Ádám Lux
Duka Tesla / Sarah Bernhardt: Kata Janza / Nikolett Füredi
George Westinhause: Armand Kautzky / Ferenc Gerdesits
Bacherol / Lenin: Csaba Gerner / Gábor Maday


Zoltán Egressy-screenplay
Áron Sebestyén-music
Péter Müller Sziámi-songs/play reader
Deniese Radó-director
Anikó Szabó-choreographer
Márk Kiss–costume designer
Gyula Fazekas–scenery, settings
Forward Productions-visuals/graphics
Péter Gráf (GrafPictures) -photos/videos
Attila Tóth-graphic artist/illustrator
Tibor Vona–initiator, mastermind