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Folk Dance Festival

Folk Dance

2024. May 25., Saturday 18:00 - Barlangszínház



Production of the Sopron Dance Ensemble, the Pendelyes Dance Ensemble, the Ős-Pendelyes and the Kacagány Dance Group.

In the production, the traditional, folk culture of the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin and of the nationalities living here: the complexity and diversity of folk dance, folk music, folk songs and folk traditions, the inner feeling that folk dance represents – will all appear on stage.

During the Folk Dance Festival, in addition to the Sopron Dance Ensemble, its youth group the Pendelyes Dance Ensemble, the senior Kacagány Dance Group and the Ős-Pendelyes group of the founding age group will guide the audience to Mezőség in Transylvania, to Szeklerland, to Kalotaszeg, to the Küküllő-region, to Felcsík, to the Arad-region, to Gyimes, and to the „Small”-Hungary regions: such as the Upper Tisza region, Rábaköz, and Somogy.

Head of Sopron Dance Ensemble: Rita Tóth and Gergő Bolgovics