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The legend of Sissi


2024. August 04., Sunday 20:00 - Barlangszínház



22 members from ExperiDance and 20 soloists from the 100-member Gypsy Symphony Orchestra will perform on stage.

Queen Elisabeth, known as Sissi, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I., became the first woman of the Austrian Empire in 1854 at the age of 16. The beautiful, sensitive and fierce empress tried to flee throughout her whole life from the restrictions of her role. She found happiness and love in Hungary, where she was revered by the entire aristocracy, especially by Count Gyula Andrássy, who was considered as the most beautiful man in the country. However, their affection could never be fulfilled...

The joint production of ExperiDance and soloists of the 100-musicians gypsy symphony orchestra was inspired by this legendary love-story. The heroes of this dance drama are a rebellious queen, a daring count and a beautiful gypsy girl dancing the heightened and agonizing moments of the unfulfilled affections.

Love encounters and farewells take place at a magnificent ball, where the soloists of the 100-member gypsy symphony orchestra perform.

Alongside the dancers, the orchestra, which holds a Hungaricum prize, i.e. a Hungarian national top performance since March 2014, guarantees an exhilarating theatrical experience.

Length of the production: 2x55 minutes with 1 intermission.