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baroque ballet

2021. June 26., Saturday 20:00 - Barlangszínház

A coproduction of St. Pölten Europa Ballet and Sopron Petőfi Theatre


The story of Farinelli (Carlo Boschi) the most famous castrated person.
A whole evening ballet, in two acts. It is exciting, emotional and dramatic.
Kevin Elsnig chanting, Florient Canon soloist of Europa Ballet dancing Farinelli.
Artur Kolmakov and Péter Breuer have staged this play for St. Pölteni Europa Ballet and Sopron Ballet.

During the performance we can experience Farinelli fighting with himself.

Nightmares, traumas, illusions and the fear success would leave him had marked all over his life. These emotions, spiritual struggles have provided the performance enough material to touch, to ecstasize the audience. The main character lives in his villa in Bologna while rambling on his past illusions. Success sorrounded him all over in Europe during his whole life.

Invited by the King of Spain he travelled to Madrid, where, thanks to his magic singing voice he even cured the distempered monarch Philip V. Farinelli soon became popular at the Spanish Royal Court and was also prominent with the Spanish nobility. During the time he spent in Spain he reformed acting at the Spanish opera houses.

At a time Farinelli’s beautiful memories of his past are fading, darkness overcomes his mood, he feels lonely and ends up in thoughts, he could not hold the passing of years. Permanent sadness conquers his heart, only his friends can comfort him from time to time.

There is a couple, Metastasio and Teresa who are important friends of his. Latter has been the secret love of the singer. Farinelli’s never-ending desire towards Teresa and his unreturned love awaken passionate illusions in him. At the end of his life, Farinelli rises to heaven amid jubilant hosannas.


Farinelli Singer: Kevin Elsnig

Farinelli Old: Florient Cador - res. Marco Marongiu

Farinelli Young: Dominik Vaida - res. Florient Cador

Farinelli Child: Sandra Barredo - res. Rachael Carrier

Teresa: Ema Amaral - res. Claudia Sachetti

Servants: Aoibh Ni Broin, Gala Lara - res. Linda Linder, Aoi Iguchi

Spanish King: Ruszlan Szojengosev- res. Marco Marongiu

Spanish Queen: Rudish Boglarka - res. Beatriz Scabora

Guests, Shadows of memories, public: Ensemble Sopron Ballet and Europaballett: Alina Ternyenko, Aleksandra Tyeplih, Füsi Zsolt, Bogdan Holomej, Rudisch Boglarka, Horváth Renáta, Ruszlan Szojengosev, Vaszilij Nyemcsinov,Manex Alberdi, Iliya Pieshyn, Valentin Domsa, Benjamin Skupien, Marco Marongui, Denise Di Cicco, Rachael Carrier, Beatriz Scabora, Claudia Sachetti, Linda Linder, Nichika Shibata, Mayara Vicoso, Ema Amaral, Sandra Barredo, Lea Wolf, Anna Maria Schauer, Aoi Iguchi - res. Szalai Dóra, Andrej Potapov, Jinsol Park, Ilina Eder, Alina Tüzel, Bruna Chibile. Daniele Raffou

Regisseur, Choreograph - Peter Breuer, Artur Kolmakov

Screenplay - Peter Breuer

Counter-tenor - Kevin Elsing

Stage set - Michael Kropf

Scenic - Kázmér Tóth

Light effects - János Madarász (MADÁR)

Choreographer Assistent – Ottó Demcsák (Harangozó- award winner)

Stage manager – Noró Kiss

Director, Choreographer - Peter Breuer, Artur Kolmakov

Starring - Florient Cardor

First category seat price: HUF 7.500
Second category seat price: HUF 6.000
Third category seat price: HUF 3.000