Fertőrákos Quarry and Cave Theatr
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Cave Theatre

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School trip

Sopron and the Lake Fertő region has been a popular destination to Hungarian pupils, both from abroad and homeland and to pupils from the neighbouring countries. From spring to autumn we welcome several groups at this outstanding location.

Fertőrákos Quarry and Cave Theatre mean a unique school trip opportunity.

Upon advance reservation one can join the so called „Cave Tour” programme. Within this programme the group not only cover the Theme Park and the “Rock Buckthorn” Heritage Trail but also visit parts of the Cave Theatre, which belong otherwise to the restricted area.

School groups may find this site interesting, because several movies were made at the quarry, such as the most memorable scenes of the film The Baradlays.

During the school trip one can rove from Nagycenk through Sopron and Fertőrákos to Fertőd and explore the region.

In Sopron history is to be detected everywhere, In Hungary Sopron is the second richest town in historic monuments, it is not by chance so many tourists come to visit the town.

Along with many other well-known sights, several festivals, concerts and events offer programmes to those arriving here. Visiting Károly-lookout tower will turn your trip to Sopron Hills even more exciting.

From Sopron one can travel to Fertőrákos by “Bummelbus”. On the way it is worth to make a short break and visit the Pan European Picnic site.

The Fertő region along with Lake Fertő, the surrounding landscape and settlements became 2001 part of the World Heritage.

Lake-Fertő, Fertő-Hanság National Park, settlements along lake Fertő and Fertőd Esterházy Palace all offer essential tourist attractions. It is worth to visit the Austrian side of Lake Fertő as well.