Fertőrákos Quarry and Cave Theatr
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Theme Park - Interaktive Adventure
Cave Theatre

Culture and hiking in one place

Theme Park

Visitors can explore the Quarry and the Theme park individually or throughout organized tour.

Individual tour
During the individual tour besides the view, there are several opportunities to gain information

- from located information boards

- by scanning QR codes that contaion many pictures, videos, animations and games, at each station, which for visitors can use their own electronic devices (cell phone, tablet)

- visitors can rent MP3 players

Group tour

- for at least 10 visitors , who register in advance (kofejtopenztar@prokultura.hu)

- Cave programme: Saturday and Sunday 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.

Stations of the tour

                                                                                           Station signs

- Pan-European Picnic

- a view over the Szárhalmi forest

- a view over the Fertő-basin

- Bat cave

- Ancient seabed remains

- hall of ancient sea creatures

- Cave theatre

- Quarrying, stone sculpture

- Dohnányi hall

- Memorial site 

The surface tour follows the so-called Avignon berry trail. It’s denominator plant is the Avignon berry (Rhamnus saxatilis). This plant lives in the limestone mountains of Middle-Europe. in Hungary it usually occurs on-site of the Quarry. 

                                        Avignon berry

Walking along the path our visitors come across the Fertőrákos Quarry, the Fertő area and the natural values of Fertő-Hanság National Park. With help from the themed showrooms at each observation station, visitors can gain interesting information and there is also a wonderful view to lake Fertő and its surrounding region.

The tour is a great opportunity for visitors to get to know the Pan-European Picnic, the story of the Sopronkőhida penitentiary, and the values of Lake Fertő and Fertő-Hanság National Park.

                  Pan-European Picnic-border opening
                   (footage available at the location)

           Lake Fertő lookout-tower and the lookout stone 

It introduces the flora and fauna of the quarry and its surrounding, highlighting the life of the bats, and the formation of the sediment layers. 

     Animations of bats (footage available at the location)

The interior of the quarry (the cave) is a multifunctional, a man and nature made cave-like arena, hiding an unusual exhibition space and a playground.

At the entrance of the cave part, the Pecten-shells can be viewed, the territory was named “Dance of the shells” by geologists. This shell is the symbol of the place.

              Pecten shell 

In the paleontological demonstration hall of the Theme Park, dolphin body reconstructions, ancient shark jaws, fossil copies, real fossils, vertebrate and invertebrate remains can be discovered.

Formation of the sediment animation (footage available at the location) 

                               Theme park (detail) 

During the tour visitors get to look into the Cave Theatre, it is worthwhile to inquire about ongoing theatre plays. 

The two parts of the unit dealing with the utilization of the Lajta limestone (limestone types, stone blocks, lapidarium) are the Stone-Mining and the Stone Carving Hall.

                        Hall of stone-mining (detail) 

                   The Vienna Museum of Art History and
          the Museum of Natural History were also built
                          from Fertőrákos limestone 

In the Dohnányi hall intone compositions of composers related to Sopron. 

             Ernő Dohnányi 

The most tragic event of the quarry’s history took place during World War II, when it became the workplace of the deported forced labourers. The Memorial place remembers them. 

The games are available at the stations (memory, puzzle), and at the end of the tour a Quiz game as well, to which have fun!

        Puzzle game