The Theme Park introduces natural, petrological and paleontological values of the region.

The project launched in 2013 enabled an extensive discovery of the natural environment of the quarry. Visitors can look around not only on the surface area but also in the thematic park established in the inside space of the cave, assisted all the way along by different signboards.

The indoor part of the quarry (cave) is a multifunctional cave like area formed both by nature and humans. This hides both an unusual exhibition area and a playing ground.

Two larger units of the exhibition

Paleontological presentation, showing the formation history of the Lajta limestone, excavated in the area

- Introduction
- Time tunnel
- Hall of Miocene Sea

Life-size Megalodon, Kentriodontid body reconstructions, Megalodon jaws, copies of fossils, original fossils, fossils of vertebrates and invertebrates, movies, dioramas



Lajta Unit for the exploitation of Lajta limestone: presentation of different types of limestone, rock blocks, lapidarium

- Strip pit
- Stonework pit